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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustHephaestus[1:25:15h]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustLavish[1:132:10]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustMoon[1:132:10m]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustColony[1:293:4]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustPrivate Zoo[1:293:5]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustPurchased Senators[1:293:5m]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustColony[1:293:6]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustI405[1:405:15]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustMoon[1:405:15m]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustDark Money[1:476:9]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustPrivate Jet[1:476:9m]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustIvy League Legacy[5:149:6]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustSinclair News[5:149:6m]
Johnny the Good (d) 37Disgust320[5:188:2]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustGolden Toilet[5:188:2m]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustCallgirl Payoffs[5:227:3]
Johnny the Good (d) 37DisgustMoon[5:227:3m]