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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfWait up![1:17:9]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfWait up! Moon[1:17:9m]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfHere I'm[1:25:13]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfHere I'm Moon[1:25:13m]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfThere You Go[1:125:7]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfThere you go Moon[1:125:7m]
$$ Bills (id) it![1:141:12]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfLife...Live it! Moon[1:141:12m]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfTwo Perfect![1:142:10]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfTwo perfect! Moon[1:142:10m]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfBring it![1:150:10]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfBring It! Moon[1:150:10m]
$$ Bills (id) 23GreyWolfPerfect![1:158:9]
$$ Bills (id) 23GreyWolfPerfect! Moon[1:158:9m]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfGood Enough[4:158:4]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfMoon[4:158:4m]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfNear perfect[4:201:4]
$$ Bills (id) 25GreyWolfMoon[4:201:4m]
2Lt Schmuckle (d) 159GreyWolfSchaefferstown[7:135:5]
Admiral Kwame (d) 73GreyWolfOpoku Ware[7:162:10h]
BILLY (d) 83GreyWolfBigun[10:80:5]
BILLY (d) 83GreyWolfEmperor Moon[10:80:5m]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfHephaestus[1:292:3h]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfSranje[1:299:15]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfMjesec[1:299:15m]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfTransWarp[1:357:1]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfTrinitron[1:357:1m]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfMatrix[1:357:4]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfNemesis[1:404:15]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfThalaron[1:404:15m]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfRakija[4:222:4]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfBoob[4:222:4m]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfAss[4:224:13]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfUnavailable[4:224:13m]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfKITA[4:224:15]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfDepeche Mode[4:224:5]
Borg (d) 101GreyWolfPain in the ass[4:224:9]
Commander Crackshot130GreyWolfCeti Alpha 1[1:166:6]
Commander Crackshot130GreyWolfCeti Alpha 2[1:166:7]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 80GreyWolfHephaestus[1:406:4h]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 80GreyWolfAlpha 406-5[1:406:5]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 80GreyWolfAlpha WJ Moon[1:406:5m]
D.L GIFFORD84GreyWolfBlakes World[7:111:5]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 85GreyWolfRigel Six[8:111:6]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 85GreyWolfRIGEL6-09 MOON[8:111:6m]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 81GreyWolfTerra Prime[9:111:1]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 81GreyWolfDwarven Moon[9:111:1m]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 81GreyWolfNuevo Tierra[9:111:4]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 81GreyWolfTerra Minor[9:111:5]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 81GreyWolfLos Angeles[9:120:4]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 81GreyWolfSan Diego[9:120:4m]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 81GreyWolfQweller's World[9:120:5]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 81GreyWolfQwellers Moon GN[9:120:5m]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 81GreyWolfúltima avanzada[9:120:6]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 81GreyWolfLittle Brother[9:120:6m]
D.L GIFFORD (d) 81GreyWolfUSS KURSK[9:120:7h]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 85GreyWolfValor[1:319:15]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 85GreyWolfDei Lunarum Pengy[1:319:15m]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 85GreyWolfByggesentral[2:96:13]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 85GreyWolfGafin Frá Tal[2:96:13m]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 85GreyWolfGjenfødt[3:262:14]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 85GreyWolfMoon[3:262:14m]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 85GreyWolfEndelig[4:303:14]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 85GreyWolfEndelig Endelig[4:303:14m]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 85GreyWolfNorðurljósið[4:303:15h]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 87GreyWolfKronens Edelsten[5:419:9]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 87GreyWolfLord Siddeous' Lighthouse[5:419:9m]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 87GreyWolfAlpha Scire[6:312:7]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 87GreyWolfa deo lunarum[6:312:7m]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 84GreyWolfDen Nye Begynnelsen[7:469:9]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 84GreyWolfGaven Frå Tal[7:469:9m]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 84GreyWolfAlpha Pater[8:220:12]
Elevas Sunchild (d) 84GreyWolfAlpha Filius[8:220:12m]
Elevas Sunchild (id) 90GreyWolfAlpha Finis[9:170:13]
Elevas Sunchild (id) 90GreyWolfAlpha Finis Pengy[9:170:13m]
GenMdse (d) 117GreyWolfJackle[2:11:11]
GenMdse (d) 117GreyWolfLockdown[2:13:6]
GenMdse (d) 117GreyWolfqwerty[2:388:7]
GenMdse (d) 117GreyWolfRAGE[3:126:6]
GenMdse (d) 117GreyWolfColony[3:456:4]
GenMdse (d) 117GreyWolfReptile[4:187:12]
GenMdse (d) 122GreyWolfhowdy[5:66:10]
GenMdse (d) 122GreyWolfshop vac[5:66:11h]
GenMdse (d) 119GreyWolfColony[5:332:4]
GenMdse (d) 132GreyWolfBrite[8:76:5]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfSpamalot :)[1:234:6]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfMoon[1:234:6m]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfYing[1:250:1]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfMoon[1:250:1m]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfYang[1:250:9]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfMoon[1:250:9m]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfCamalot[1:386:3]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfTis A Silly PLace[1:386:3m]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfLumberjack[1:458:14]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfMoon[1:458:14m]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfWWIIITTHH....a herring!![2:95:10]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfMake Tea not Love[2:95:10m]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfUnladen swallow[2:95:7]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfLumberjack[2:95:7m]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfLions Den[3:96:14]
Guess who...? (d) 90GreyWolfNii..!![3:96:14m]
Guess who...? (d) 92GreyWolfIll Bite your Ears Off[5:419:6]
이~마크 (d) 51GreyWolfChevy HHR[2:348:15]
이~마크 (d) 51GreyWolfDaelim NeoForte[2:348:15m]
이~마크 (d) 51GreyWolfDakota[3:446:15]
이~마크 (d) 51GreyWolfDaelim Kite[3:446:15m]
이~마크 (id) 51GreyWolfCavalier RS[4:263:15]
이~마크 (id) 51GreyWolfGio Beast 200[4:263:15m]
이~마크 (id) 51GreyWolfVenture AWD[5:212:15]
이~마크 (id) 51GreyWolfYamaha Riva 200[5:212:15m]
이~마크 (d) 48GreyWolfCutlass Cruiser[6:230:15]
이~마크 (d) 48GreyWolfHonda CB450T[6:230:15m]
이~마크 (v) 41GreyWolfLeSabre T-type[7:88:15]
이~마크 (v) 41GreyWolfYamha 750 Seca[7:88:15m]
이~마크 (v) 44GreyWolfRampage[8:151:15]
이~마크 (v) 44GreyWolfHonda Goldwing[8:151:15m]
이~마크 (v) 29GreyWolfRamcharger[9:305:15]
이~마크 (v) 29GreyWolfRacing Prima[9:305:15m]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfP529[1:36:5]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfMoon[1:36:5m]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfP521[1:85:12]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfMoon[1:85:12m]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfG.W.S. Neshein[1:85:8h]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfP527[1:95:11]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfP522[1:133:2]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfP526[2:348:1]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfMoon[2:348:1m]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfColony[2:348:9]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfP525[2:412:11]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfMoon[2:412:11m]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfP524[2:412:13]
Kvasir Nesh (d) 78GreyWolfP523[2:451:4]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfDirty Tricks[1:234:5]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfHigh Life[1:234:5m]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfNo One Knows[1:240:10]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfMoon[1:240:10m]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfTomorrow or Yesterday[1:250:10]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfMoon[1:250:10m]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolf☠ Hell ☠[1:386:15]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfMoon[1:386:15m]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfunlucky4some[1:458:13]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfMoon[1:458:13m]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfG'Kar[2:95:1]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfFreeBird ![2:95:13]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfMoon[2:95:13m]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfMoonBase Alfa[2:95:1m]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfColony[3:96:2]
Mr. Morden (d) 104GreyWolfMoon[3:96:2m]
Mr. Morden (d) 107GreyWolfHephaestus[5:419:2h]
Mr. Morden (d) 107GreyWolfNo One Knows[5:419:3]
Mr. Morden (d) 107GreyWolfTomorrow or Yesterday[5:419:3m]
Mr. Morden (d) 111GreyWolfHigh Life[7:469:5]
Mr. Morden (d) 111GreyWolfDirty Tricks[7:469:5m]
Taedon (d) 55GreyWolfGlobal Dynamics[8:165:3]
Taedon (d) 55GreyWolfDog Research Lab 3[8:166:2]
Taedon (d) 55GreyWolfMoon[8:166:2m]
Taedon (d) 55GreyWolfBig Old Research Lab 2[8:166:3]
Taedon (d) 55GreyWolfHephaestus[8:166:4h]
Troubled Tribble (d) 121GreyWolf> Jules Bianchi[1:247:6]
Troubled Tribble (d) 121GreyWolfMoon[1:247:6m]
Troubled Tribble (d) 122GreyWolfJim Clark[2:222:2]
Troubled Tribble (d) 122GreyWolfAyrton Senna[2:222:2m]
Troubled Tribble (d) 121GreyWolf> Elio de Angelis[3:456:6]
Troubled Tribble (d) 122GreyWolf> Mark Webber[4:333:4]
Troubled Tribble (d) 123GreyWolf> Nico Hulkenburg[5:432:10]
Troubled Tribble (d) 123GreyWolf> Daniel Ricciardo[6:246:5]
Troubled Tribble (d) 163GreyWolf> Jenson Button[7:135:2]
Troubled Tribble (d) 163GreyWolfMoon[7:135:2m]
Troubled Tribble (d) 123GreyWolfFernando Alonso[8:246:5]