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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Admiral Jeter (d) 108MaquisCastria Prime[1:153:1]
Admiral Jeter (d) 108MaquisTitan[1:153:1m]
Admiral Jeter (d) 108MaquisHelios Prime[1:393:5]
Admiral Jeter (d) 108MaquisEcho Base[1:393:5m]
Admiral Jeter (d) 108MaquisSolaris Prime[2:20:1]
Admiral Jeter (d) 108MaquisIo[2:20:1m]
Admiral Jeter (d) 108MaquisAltair[3:499:1]
Admiral Jeter (d) 108MaquisGanymede[3:499:1m]
Admiral Jeter (d) 108MaquisSkaro Prime[4:431:6]
Admiral Jeter (d) 108MaquisDelta Base[4:431:6m]
Admiral Jeter (d) 109MaquisArcadia Prime[6:336:5]
Admiral Jeter (d) 109MaquisKarn[6:336:5m]
Admiral Jeter (d) 108MaquisGallifrey Prime[7:399:1]
Admiral Jeter (d) 121MaquisTerra Nova[9:205:1]
Admiral Jeter (d) 152MaquisUSS Enterprise E[10:468:14h]
Admiral Jeter (d) 152MaquisCaladon Prime[10:468:3]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisPhantasm[1:25:7]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisTasmania[1:25:7m]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisCheckpoint[1:25:9]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisCheckers[1:25:9m]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisSvartalheim[1:119:1]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisValerian[1:119:1m]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisWhozat[1:153:10]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisZat[1:153:10m]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisBartleburg[1:206:15]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisUberlint[1:206:15m]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisFriggle[2:17:2]
Barney Google (d) 98MaquisHeimklinger[2:400:1]
Barney Google (d) 98MaquisCastlegar[2:400:1m]
Barney Google (d) 96MaquisLunch Bucket[3:44:15h]
Dan McCarthy (d) 42Maquis20Hz[1:141:9]
Dan McCarthy (d) 42MaquisThanks :D !!![1:141:9m]
Dan McCarthy (d) 42Maquis27H[1:146:4]
Dan McCarthy (d) 42MaquisCHEERS[1:146:4m]
Dan McCarthy (d) 42Maquis32H[1:153:7]
Dan McCarthy (d) 42MaquisCHEERS again![1:153:7m]
Dan McCarthy (d) 42Maquis26H[1:167:7]
Dan McCarthy (d) 42MaquisSlider 1[1:167:7m]
Dan McCarthy (d) 42Maquis47R*@[1:182:13]
Dan McCarthy (d) 42MaquisHot Moon[1:182:13m]
Dan McCarthy (d) 41Maquis22M[2:223:5]
Dan McCarthy (d) 41MaquisSlider 2[2:223:5m]
Dan McCarthy (d) 41Maquis16H[2:223:6]
Dan McCarthy (d) 41MaquisThx Fuzz[2:223:6m]
Dan McCarthy (d) 41Maquis15 Final frontier[2:223:7]
Dan McCarthy (d) 41MaquisThanks Tachyon Pulse :)[2:223:7m]
Dan McCarthy (d) 41Maquis40N[2:223:9]
Dan McCarthy (d) 41MaquisCheers Skywalker[2:223:9m]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisAltair[1:139:15]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisGraham Shelton[1:139:15m]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisGaila[1:181:15]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisMoon[1:181:15m]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisFlaxian[1:236:15]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisMoon[1:236:15m]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisTerra[1:270:15]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisMoon[1:270:15m]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisWimpy Nobody[1:293:3h]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisSulvin[1:307:3]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisDr.Zed #2[1:307:3m]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisBajoran[5:244:8]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 92MaquisMoon[5:244:8m]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 93MaquisWolfe 457[6:6:7]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 93MaquisCommander M. Carter #3[6:6:7m]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 102MaquisRakal[9:198:15]
Gul Darhe'el (d) 102MaquisMoon[9:198:15m]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisImmigrants are people![1:25:4]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisReunite now![1:25:4m]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisSave our Country/World[1:125:4]
Hot Fuzz2Maquis#Remove45Now[1:125:4m]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisWe will not forget[1:181:13]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisKhashoggi or Floyd[1:181:13m]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisWe control our bodies[1:237:7]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisPro choice is inevitable[1:237:7m]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisHuman equality[1:293:7]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisOverturn Citizens United[1:293:7m]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisDeath Penalty immoral[1:350:4]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisEnd cash bail = debtors P[1:350:4m]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisEnd structural racism[1:393:4]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisChange our Police[1:393:4m]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisPrisons never for Profit[1:425:4]
Hot Fuzz2MaquisEnd the drug war now![1:425:4m]
Skybarge (id) 112MaquisALERT[1:153:14]
Skybarge (id) 112MaquisSaNd TracKs[1:153:14m]
Skybarge (id) 112MaquisÐarkNess Unravelled[1:237:3]
Skybarge (id) 112MaquisCarter's Vørtex[1:237:3m]
Skybarge (Id) 112MaquisSolid[4:431:15]
Skybarge (Id) 112MaquisVI 6 SIX[4:431:15m]
Skybarge (Id) 112MaquisDRONE[5:244:2]
Skybarge (Id) 112MaquisSTAR'S ORIGINS[5:244:2m]
Skybarge (Id) 112MaquisDrifter[5:244:5]
Skybarge (d) 113MaquisEXIT[6:336:9]
Skybarge (d) 113MaquisQuickSand[6:336:9m]
Skybarge (id) 127MaquisCRAZY[9:198:7]
Skybarge (id) 127MaquisSOZE'S DOOM[9:198:7m]